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Great Taste of the MidwestSM

The Great Taste of the MidwestSM was established in 1987 and is now North America's second longest-running craft beer festival, second only to the Great American Beer Festival.

The Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild presents this celebration of brewers and their beers each August on the second Saturday of that month at Madison's Olin-Turville Park, a beautiful lakeside setting with a view of the State Capitol and of the Monona Terrace convention centre, which now stands on the former Olin Terrace Park and the former site of the Great Taste.

For a fixed admission ticket price, the lucky patron receives a beautiful imported commemorative tasting glass, a comprehensive program book describing the approximately 100 breweries and more than 400 different beers, and as many two-ounce samples as can responsibly be sampled during the five hours of the festival.

The 15th Annual Great Taste is 11 August 2001, 1-6pm. Tickets are S O L D O U T !! For more information contact the Madison Homebrewers.

2001 Program!

If you want to study in advance for Saturday, here's the program. I didn't have time to separate it state-by-state, and when I Acrobastarded it, the pagination went off from the original, but it's readable and will give you a preview of the breweries you want to visit.

How to order tickets

Tickets go on sale each year on May 1 (and not a day sooner) Be sure not to mail your order more than a day or two in advance or it will arrive too early). 2001 tickets are sold out. Great Taste!
Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild
Post Office Box 1365
Madison, Wisconsin 53701-1365

Allow 3-4 weeks for order processing and delivery. Orders that arrive in Madison on May 1 should be out to purchasers by around Memorial Day.

Tickets are also sold at select outlets in Madison, including Star Liquor, Steve's Liquor, Wine and Hop Shop, Wonder's Pub, and others to be confirmed later.

Getting to the Great Taste

Two words: Don't drive! Patron parking is NOT available onsite. The limited space available at the park is reserved for brewers and staff. They have to unload beer; all you have to do is carry yourself. No brewer/staff parking pass, no onsite parking. We consider the absence of patron parking at an event like this to be an advantage and provide plenty of ways to get to the park. The best ways are by free brewpub shuttles and by bicycle. Bicyclists get the best parking! Attended "valet" bike parking is provided just steps away from the festival gate. Shuttle buses run from Wonder's Pub, Great Dane, Angelic, J.T. Whitney's, and Capital Brewery. Other establishments outside of Madison are sponsoring bus trips. Click here for more information.
Coming from out of town? Click here for directions.

Previous years

1999. To read about the 1999 Great Taste and view a copy of the program with participating brewery descriptions, click here.

2000. Here are the brewery listings from the 2000 program book, listed by state. The pages are in Envoy format (a portable document format functionally similar to Adobe Acrobat but more efficient with system resources than Acrobat). If you don't already have a viewer or don't have WordPerfect v.6, 7, or 8, download a viewer here. After you install it, select the program sections you want to read or print. Introduction and event information
Iowa and Kansas

For additional information
See the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild web site,
NOTE: The Juno email address we used to use is now closed. We received too much spam. (Juno also made some undesirable changes in the terms of service.) Please delete the old address from your address books. We'll post a new address soon.





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Page updated: 25 March 2001
Bob "Now go have a beer" Paolino