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Why Envoy? Because it's what I have and it does the job!

Envoy? Think Adobe Acrobat in concept, but with a much more efficient and compact file format than Acrobat. Alas, the bloated format won out in the marketplace, but users of Word Perfect versions 6 through 8 have Envoy whether they know it or not (Corel, however, has finally succumbed to the market presence of Acrobat in WordPerfect version 9. But the Envoy software is still out there and it works.) If you are smart enough to be using WordPerfect rather than Micro$oft Orifice bloatware, you're in luck!

But even if you're burdened by some package less capable than WordPerfect, you can get the Envoy viewer and/or plug-in as a free download! You can either save the Great Taste files and open them in the Envoy viewer or install the free Netscape plug-in, click on the state links and view them directly in your browser.

Follow the link here for a review (This page offers links to a number of plug-ins. Check out the difference in file size between this and Adobe Acrobat!)

If you use Win95/98/NT, download the file to your hard disk, unzip it, and perform a standard installation.

Envoy Viewer:

If you use MS Internet Explorer (particularly v.5 or higher), the files may not appear automatically. If you have problems, save the Envoy files on your disk, launch the viewer separately, and open the files from there. If you are using Netscape (tested on v3.0x and v4.7x) or Opera (tested on v3.6x), the pages appear almost instantly in your browser window. MSIE v3 or v4 should also work, but I make no guarantees.



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