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You want to park near the festival?

It all depends on what kind of vehicle you're driving.

If you're driving a car or truck, forget it! Motor vehicle parking on the festival grounds is reserved for brewers and staff so they can get all the stuff they need to serve you to their booths. No beer and dispensing equipment, no beer festival, right? Motor vehicles should park near one of the festival shuttle sites (see below).

If, however, you ride your BICYCLE to the Great Taste, you get the closest parking of anyone there! The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance of Dane County are working with the Great Taste of the Midwest to provide attended valet bicycle parking. Ride your bicycle up the path to the designated area. Leave your bike and helmet with the friendly bicycle volunteers, get a claim check, and you have a parking space literally right next to the gate! Way cool!

What? You still want to use a motor vehicle??

Try a Madison Metro bus to downtown, the West Transfer Point, or the Schenk-Atwood neighbourhood and hop aboard a free shuttle from there. If you still insist on using a personal motor vehicle, here's where you can park to get the most convenient transportation to the festival:

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