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13th Annual Great Taste of the Midwest

Saturday, 14 August 1999, 1-6pm

Olin-Turville Park, John Nolen Drive

Madison, Wisconsin

(Beer Capital of the Midwest!)

The 13th Annual Great Taste of the Midwest, hosted by the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild, is well worth a trip from anywhere in the Midwest... well, actually, anywhere in the country! The Great Taste is North America's second longest-running craft beer festival, second only to the Great American Beer Festival, and features the brewers (and more than 400 of their beers) from 95 of the Midwest's micros, brewpubs, and regional breweries. Anyone who has ever attended will probably tell you that it is among the best beer events anywhere.

Get your tickets!

Unlike in previous years, tickets are still available into August because of a local hotel scare caused by an event just as big coming into town the same week. To make matters worse, the Madison Area Convention and Visitors Bureau chose to act as the reservations office for massive room blocks for that other event, electing to devote its resources to support a once-in-a-blue-moon outsider event rather than a homegrown event that consistently brings thousands of people into Madison year after year. But beer enthusiasts are a resourceful bunch, and put together bus trips for the day or found alternative lodgings! (And we hear that some were resourceful in another way--many reportedly called the CVB and reserved rooms as "drum corps fans" at inflated prices.) If you, too, are resourceful, you can make the trip and get tickets, too, to be one of the 6,000 happy beer enthusiasts enjoying great beer, food, and music in a beautiful lakeside setting with a view of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Only 400 tickets remain as of Monday August 9. Mail order tickets ordered this week will be held for pickup at the fest, or you can purchase tickets in Madison (call 608.682.9973 for a list of local vendors). TICKETS ARE NOT SOLD AT THE GATE! Tickets may not be available Friday or Saturday, so call or email ( before travelling long distances. If you want to take a chance, groups who bought early and had people drop out often sell extra tickets in the lineup, but you'll need to be at the park early if you want to get tickets that way.

(By the way, if you use that email address above, make the obvious alteration in your "TO:" field)

J.T. Whitney's and Wonder's Pub still report ticket availability as of Wednesday. If you're rolling into town Saturday morning, those may be the best places to buy your tickets because you'll be able to park there and ride to and from the fest on their shuttle buses. See transportation notes below for more details.

Participating breweries!

Here is an abbreviated version of the program book, modified a bit for web publication, for those of you who wish to study ahead. The program, as presented here, is organised into separate Envoy files, starting with the INTRODUCTORY SECTION , followed by the exhibiting brewery listings for each state (links below).

And why do I have the program to post? Because I'm the one who wrote it, that's why! The descriptions of breweries and beers served, however, are only as accurate or complete as the information sent by te brewers. I sought to include late submissions as feasible, but even I can push deadlines only so far!







You need an Envoy reader or browser plug-in to view these files. WordPerfect users already have the reader. The viewer and plug-in downloads are free; get it here. Don't be afraid! The plug-in download is MUCH smaller than Adobe Acrobat. Even if you have a 486, a 14.4 modem, and a hard disk measured in MBs rather than GBs, this is a friendly and functional program.


How to get here

Madison is about three hours from Chicago, four hours from Saint-Paul, just over an hour from Milwaukee, 90 minutes from Rockford or Dubuque... you get the idea--we're convenient to everywhere! I'm going to assume that if you're reading this and interested in beer, you can find your way to Madison. Once in the area you have a couple different options.


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